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good afternoon, everybody. >> investors are happy, there are signs the relief may have a shelf life. the new congress opens tomorrow, with another crisis in sight. steve handelsman is live on capitol hill where the next battles may even be more contentious, if that's even possible. >> you've got to figure a lot of people were looking at it saying they finally got it, "compromise" didn't a dirty word, you can get things done. well, a lot of republicans are vowing to fight even harder now, humiliated by what they see as their loss in the fiscal cliff fight. president obama celebrated his win on tax hikes for the wealthy, by going back to hawaii to finish his vacation. wall street celebrated the fiscal cliff fix with a stock rally.
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98% of americans are relieved no tax hike, but back on capitol hill -- >> right now everything is not okay. >> reporter: more division and anger. some republicans along with democrats upset at speaker john boehner for delays a vote on aid to the victims of hurricane sandy because of the cost. boehner signaling he's back to a hard line in the budget fights ahead. so are senate republicans. >> so we're going to focus on spending and the tidal waves coming at us you are medicare and the social security. >> reporter: wave number one is the fight over defense cuts and social service spending, postponed two months by yesterday's fiscal cliff deal. >> the motion is president doed. >> reporter: wave number two is worse, another debt ceiling fight like the one last year that damaged the u.s. credit rating. president obama vows no repeat. >> i will not have another debate with this congress over whether or not they should pay the bills that they have already
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racked up. >> reporter: but house rupp pushed back. >> if the president thinks he's not going to negotiate, he better thing again. he's president of the united states, not emperor of the planet. >> reporter: this could get scarier. >> it may take a default, another downgrade, the serious economic consequences that flow from it to jolt us back to some kind of reality, and that's a frightening prospect. >> reporter: and not a happy new year. congressional scholar norm orrin steen says it could look like a tribal war up here, and soon. live from the hill. >> stay with news4 for up-to-the minute information on fallout on efforts to avoid the fiscal cliff. we'll have more on how the agreement could impact families in our area, especially northern virginia. new developments this afternoon in the battle over a multibillion dollar bill to
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prove aid to the states slammed by sandy. in the past hour, lawmakers planned to vote on $9 billion of the $60 billion being sought on aid, this after lawmakers on both sides of the aisle lashed out today at gop leadership for pulling a vote on the bill. >> reporter: is the plight of victims of superstorm sandy suffered another setback, setting off blistering criticism of boehner. >> because there was a betrayal. we cannot believe this cruel knife in the back was delivered to our region. >> how can we treat an entire regionen of the country this way? this is the most disgraceful action i have seen in this house in the 20 years i've been here. >> reporter: even though some complained about the double
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standard for sandy victims, especially compared to victims of catrino who received aid within two weeks. while it's been two months and still counting since sandy. >> absolutely absurd. we demand nothing less than we have geffen the rest of the country. >> reporter: a blasting of bain el went beyond the hall of congress and from fellow republicans like governor christie. >> there's only one group to complain for the continued suffering. the house majority and their speaker, john boehner. >> reporter: others in sandy's path also weighed in. >> disappointed they couldn't come to a conclusion and pass the bill. >> reporter: in a statement from the white house, president obama urged boehner to change his mind. following an afternoon meeting with republican members from new york and new jersey, boehner did change a bit, and promised to have a vote on the $60 billion relief package by january 15th, which for the louder complainers
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was enough. taking a live look outside now, hey, if you've got outside, you know this is one of the coldest days we've had since last winter. what does that mean for us tonight? >> meteorologist veronica johnson has the answer. >> it's going to drop even lower tonight. so we've got to look back where we were this morning. during the overnight period, take a look, the temperatures started out this morning at 32 degrees. many neighborhoods, great falls, mclain, even up north at 32 to start, 32 also over in charles county. or down in charles county and waldorf, maryland. depending on where you are, the temperature by tomorrow morning will some 7 to 12 degrees lower. with that, we are going to see a mostly clear sky across our area, trapped with some clouds down to the south of us today, but 39, that was it for a high temperature today. the coldest day since last
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winter. we start in the 30s right now throughout the area, upper 30s, as you look at your good night forecast, there it is. 33 degrees by 9:00 p.m., the temperatures will fall very fast. we'll look at where we will be by tomorrow morning, as well as a look at the weekend. if we've got any chance to pick up any precipitation at all. i'll have that in just a few. police say a hand grenade found in the heart of vienna was not in danger of exploding. it was discovered outside a business on maple avenue this morning. the street was closed for several blocks near the merchants tire store for nearly two hours. it turns out the grenade's internal xomants had been removed so it was inert. . funeral arrangements are not set for a prie william county police officers killed in the line of duty this week. a wake will officer chris young
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will be held tomorrow evening from 6:00 to 9 at the hilton mum yeah chapel at woodbridges. the service are open to all county government employees. young was killed in a horrible crash on tuesday when his motor psych the hit a minivan and burst into flames. he was on his wayne to answer a police emergency call. opportunities who survived last month's school shooting are ed headed back to class tomorrow. they will use an old middle school. today there was an open house to welcome parents and students back. jay gray is where family took a tour of the school. >> reporter: the road to the school still closed. a sign has been pulled from illustrate hinges, just like so many lives in this small town. >> getting back to the sense of figuring out what the new normal will look like is important. i think everybody is waiting for
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that to happen. >> reporter: that waiting ends tomorrow for students who survived the attacks. for the first time they'll be back together, back in class. the new school is about seven miles away in the town of monroe. >> the sign has been renamed sandy hook school, so we can carry on our traditions. >> reporter: furniture has been moved in, book bags and jackets put in the same places they were that friday. >> that really is a big thing, that their class looks the same, they'll be sitting next to the same people, they have the same friends and same places, and the teachers in the same place, everything on the walls looks the same. >> reporter: there would be the one noticeable difference, a heavy police presence. >> right now it has to be the safest school in america. >> reporter: green ribbons will welcome the students back. what they won't seen are the mountains of stuffed animals spread across the town.
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new does that town is quiet once again, but the pain and loss in this community still lingers. along with questions about why it happened and how to move on, questions that elementary students should never have to ask and that can't be answered in any classroom. jay gray, nbc news, monroe, connecticut. >> students and teachers here noticed something new when they went back to school today. several virginia school districts are beefing up security in the new years. spotsylvania and stafford county schools added police practice trolls. melissa mollett was there. >> reporter: lots of excitement as kids head back to school, but some changes, too. changes like more deputies patrolling the system's 31 schools. >> we had a deputy parked over on the side. >> reporter: all of the high schools have a full-time deputy on staff. the middle schools share two officers. now any school that does not
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have an armed deputy already assigned will have one checking on the school throughout the day. >> they are going to meet with the building-left administrators, walking the hallways, talking to staff, the principals, some kids. >> reporter: sergeant nancy moore is in charge of the program. >> we want to assure our children, the parents, our families, our community that we're going to do everything toffee keep everybody safe. >> reporter: they changes come after the tragedy in newtown. 20 children and six staff members now gone. for many parents, the horror there has changed their conversations here. >> get descriptions of people with cars, report it to adults. >> it's training and drills, and just making sure everyone knows what they need to do, when they need to do it. >> reporter: in spotsle vannia,
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they sent this her home to presence. >> i don't know how much safer it makes me feel. bill kennedy with the sheriff's office knows how important this can be. he spent years as an elementary school principal in stafford. >> we just thought it was a real good move. >> it's important we keep our children engaged and they're focused on what they're here to do. that's learning. >> reporter: next up, the sheriff's department plans to institute a naked watch program and train residents in nearby neighborhood how to spot suspicious activity. authorities have not identified the body inside a home that went up in flames. firefighters worked for about an hour to put the fire out. they discovered the body once the fire was out. neighbors called 911 this morning. coming up tonight on "news4 at 5," pat collins shows us how one
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neighbor jumped into action. coming up on news4 at 4:00, why a sperm donor is being sued for child support. a photographer is killed while trying to snap a picture of justin bieber. a vulture invasion, how authorities are fighting a creepy problem in a local neighborhood. here's a question -- is kim kardashian's baby the next big reality star? the
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keith russell has more on the accident and legislation that justin bieber wants lakes to take a second look. a paparazzo was killed yesterday. bieber's friend was on the road after being stopped for a traffic violation. the paparazzo was reportedly told twice to return to his vehicles, when he finally left. bieber was not in the car or at the scene, but he did release this tame -- while i was not present nor directly involved with this tragic accident, my thoughts and prayers are with the family of this victim. he goes on to say -- hopefully it will inspire meaningful legislation. back in november, a new california law, which was
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directed at stopping paparazzi who drive recklessly and put the public in dangers was shot down by an l.a. superior court judge. critics said the law was unnecessary and violated free speech. in the midst of this recent death, that law is expected to be revisited. live in the newsroom, keith russell, news4. all right, keith. kim kardashian says she's feeling great. she's carrying rapper kanye west's baby. the rapper star told reporters she hasn't had any morning sicks in. reportedly chrkris jenner's mom is -- and we should mention that kim is still legally married to kris humphries. ♪ your time is up and your
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parole has begun ♪ have you heard it? movie goers have praise for the big screen adaptation, but "american idol" singer adam lambert isn't too high with some aspects of the movie. this past weekend he took to twitter to complain the film suffered from actors, quote, pretending to be singers and that the vocals should have been fixed in the studio. yesterday russell crowe, who plays a lead role responded to his comments, saying he agrees the vocals should have been sweetened but that the director wanted it raw and real, and that's how it is. could this craze be coming to an end. internet super sensation psy says he won't -- he will not perform hess international hit "gangnam style" live in the usa ever again. you heard it here first.
4:18 pm
the 35-year-old says his final performance was on new year's eve in times square. the single skyrocketed to the top of the charts in more than 30 countries since its debut. he says he's not done with music, it's just time to come up with a new single. of course some think it's been time for a while. there goes david gregory. it will be tough to top that. tough to top the weather. piismts so if you said you were cold today, then you were cold today. don't have anyone argue with you. indeed one of the coldest days out of the season, and probably since last winter. guess what tonight is going to feel like? mighty cold. as we look at our temperatures not just here, but through the eastern half of the country. look at that. so much of the east sitting in the 30s right now.
4:19 pm
65 in jacksonville, florida, so that cold is here, but for us it's not going to last that long. we're at 36 degrees. your wind at 12 miles per hour, even getting a little windchill that hold at 30 degrees in gaithersburg. 34 in sterling, 37 degrees, falls church and green belt, maryland, 35 degrees currently. so we go from cold to more cold coming up by tomorrow morning. again we'll start around 28 degrees, right inside the beltway. other areas just outside, we'll be starting out in the upper teens to low 20s. take a look at our satellite and radar review. we did get some sunshine, and indeed it was right in here today, because down to our south, up to our north the clouds. that came from actually the jet stream, the northern and southern branch really squeezing, keeping the clouds nearby. the jet stream would allow our weather system to move and guide on through. some freezing conditions
4:20 pm
overnight. high pressure will move in tomorrow, so a little warmer and a little more sunshine coming our way. then as we get to the end of the week, that high moves off the coast. by the start of the weekend we'll have a severe weather flow. the temperatures already higher and getting back to average by this weekend. for friday, though, sunshine, chili, but a nice day coming up at the end of the week. for your evening, breezy and cold again, a little windchill, 29 to 40 degrees, that wind out of the northwest at 10 to 15. cold, all in caps with a couple exclamation marks bedinged it, you'll be thinking this. if you have anything to do outside tomorrow morning, say for more than ten minutes, you'll be nipping, the glove the hats and mittens, everything to stay warm. we're continued cool. your four-day, 46 degrees on send. right now, for again another big
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game on sunday. thanks, v.j. still ahead, what are your new year's resolutions? whur's mollet green's tells us more. the town that's actually banning plastic washington bottles. are you having trouble sticking to your? we'll tell you how something inside your favorite snack food could be making it tough to contro [ male announcer ] pillsbury grands biscuits. delicious.
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it's a new year and new start. a recent survey finds about 40% of people are beginning this new year with a vow to make changes. it's also the talk around town this week. whur's molet green is here with us this afternoon. what do people have to say about the top year's resolutions -- losing weight and sticking to diets. >> listeners saying they want to make more meaningful resolutions, and they're vowing to lose weight like their lives depend on it. quite frapgly, for many their lives do depend on it. for our listeners, they shared tragic tales of loved ones who have died too soon, health related problems in their lives, and they're shared their personal stories about medical
4:25 pm
scares that woke them up. >> my resolution is to get more sleep. we really need that. >> we do. >> with the debt ceiling and fiscal cliff issues hovering, we're seeing speefrt -- what about people's individual financial houses. >> the chaos left a nasty taste in a lot of people's mouths. people felt helpless, and very uncertainly. and they're vowing to take back their financial power and not fall on the floor the personal fiscal cliff the mortgage meltdown shook up a lot of lives, about losing their homes and they have had to take personal responsibility for that crisis. buys homes that were too big, too expensive, and therefore losing their homes, so people
4:26 pm
want to renew their financial commitment to make better, wiser decisions. >> it was a rough year for a lot of people. there are a lot of folks who want to do more, not just to save themselves, but help their community. it has to be about giving back to others and helping people. i keep saying that, because that's what our listeners have been saying. this goes from being more politically/socially active. the tray von martin case was a big deal for a lot of people and really touched a lot of people. the anniversary of this ongoing case is coming up. but it showed the power of the collective voice. and the atrocity in haiti is still going on. more than 50% of the children in that country not in school, still suffering after that earthquake more than two years ago. people want to do something to
4:27 pm
help others. >> real quickly, your resolution? >> simplify my life. get rid of some of the stuff i don't need and pay attention to the things and the people that really matter. >> very niecely and simply put. >> exercising more, too. jim? a couple of those sound family to me. when we come back on "news4 at 4," should sperm donors have to pay child support? we have an unusual court battle shaping up. four words that left her outraged, the insult a woman found written on her ticket when [ male announcer ] when your business is powered by verizon,
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welcome back. >> the stock market rallied today on news of the deal to pull the nation away from the fiscal cliff, but there are signs that investors' relief may not last long. house speaker john boehner facing heavy criticism today from both sides of the aisle after pulling legislation on hurricane sandy aid. boehner postponed a vote last night on the $60 billion relief package. one called the action a betrayal
4:31 pm
the. students may have noticed an increased level of security on their first day back from winter break. deputies are being deployed to do daily check on all 31 schools. everybody had to dress in layers. it got cold quick. >> i think that's always funny. >> we have the coldest day out of the winter, and now we're talking about the coldest night coming up. a clear sky, starry, mighty cold. mostly clear skies, just a few wispy clouds out there. currently we city at 30 degrees, 3 degrees, down to the
4:32 pm
south, one of our warmer spots. we'll even look at some of the ski resorts and how well they are doing. that's coming up. this afternoon we have learned new details about why pennsylvania's governor is suing the ncaa. he wants the courts to throw out all sanctions levied on penn state university in the wake of the gerry sandusky scandal. governor corbett says he believes the ncaa is benefiting from the imposed sanctions and believes the sanctions punish everyone but the actual people responsible. >> this they punish past, paren and future students. log businesses an the citizens of pennsylvania. >> the sanctions including a $60
4:33 pm
million fine on the university and bowl bans. pat? you thought the debate over taxes and spending was bad here? france is engaged in a major money showdown. it involves the country's recently elected president, who wants to tax millionaires at a 75% rate, as michelle ko sine can i report, the controversial plan was just struck down by france's high court, but the battle is not over. >> reporter: france may be the first place of labels and luxury. chanel, champagne. >> france is a country where you have a president who said i don't like the rich. >> that's the successor to nicklas sarkozy. he's vowed to tax the rich, 75% on income over a million euros.
4:34 pm
according to polls, most citizens agreed with them. entrepreneurs have gone wild, saying this would further kill any innovative spirit here, driving an already estimated of wealthy or wannabe wealthy people to switzerland, london. >> the problem in france is it's not a fiscal cliff, but sort of like fiscal quicksand, because bit by bit the french are losing confidence. >> reporter: it would affect a few thousand, but shot down because it targets individual instead of household income. the while other taxes also rise. around europe you also keep running into american tax exiles, people who have given up their citizenship to protect their fortunes from taxes. that number has been rising, but you know where in the world has the highest tax rates currently? the island of aruba at nearly 60% for the highest earning
4:35 pm
individuals, and sweden at around 57%. back to you. the town of concord, new hampshire is the first in the nation to ban plastic bottles. the measure has just taken effect with the start of this new years. it bans bottles 16 ounces or smaller to help reduce waste. businesses that violate the ban get $50 fines, but some are finding a way around the ban, by selling bottles that are larger than 16 ounces. the elevators at the bethesda metro station could be back in service this friday, provided they pass inspection. today elevator inspectors were on site to check them out the the elevators have been out of service for the past seven months. a florida woman who left her car with a valet got a rather route spice. she got her vehicle back, but it came with an insult.
4:36 pm
kerry sanders reports. she demanded an apology. actress sharon peoples was headed to work next month and valeted her car near the local theater where she was performing, but the next valet parking ticket she found made he angry. right there. she assumes written by the -- in hand write "play, red dress, and fat" on it. i was mortified. >> sharon called the parking company looking to find out who was responsible. >> i wanted them to be reprimanded appropriately and i wanted it to be handled in a manner where this would never, ever happen to anyone again. >> reporter: appear complaining, she received this e-mail from dan's silva. please accept our sincerest apologies, the message says. moving forward, physical appearance will not be written on tickets and this type of situation will never okur again.
4:37 pm
silva also offered sharon free valet parking and a restaurant gift card. in a statement to nbc news, the ceo of the company says he spoke to sharon to apologize, and the employees who wrote that description on the ticket has been disciplined. >> i hope and pray that doesn't happen to anyone else. >> reporter: but apparently it does happen elsewhere. across the internet people have posted their own version. it notes the to-go order is for in other words. another receipt, 315, is apparently for an asian customer. at this chicken restaurant, two drumtick and six wins appear to be for a guy, no hair. >> if there's anything possibility that something you may say or do could hurt a cuss action could hurt your business, your relationship with your employer, it's best not to do it. >> as for sharon the actress, she says she hopes people learn, words hurt. >> i think that knowledge is
4:38 pm
power. at this point i think that people should know what happened to me, and maybe, maybe this will change something. busted. i hope she didn't tip that valet. >> i hope not. when we come back, are you having trouble sticking to your new year's resolution? we've got the ingredient and some of the favorite foods that could make it tougher to follow a diet. we'll hear from the firefighter who saved the dog's
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a new study suggests fructose may undermine the best of intentions. it's commonly used to sweeten food and drinks. researchers at yale says it also appears to changes in the brain that can while gleich co -- dr. nancy snyder man will have more
4:42 pm
on the impact on nightly news. when a man made a sperm donation, he gave up all parent at rights, but since that time, the couple has broken up and filed for state assistance. kansas is demanding the name of that sperm donor now and is taking him to support to collect the child support. he has no children of his own, but he and his wife care for foster kids. people cameras have an unlikely foe. veronica, how is the weather shank up? >> right now outside, jim and pat, it's cold. our temperatures are in the 30s and low 40s, but check out the windchill readings. they are already in the 20s. so how cold is tonight going to feel? i'll tell you when "news4 at 4," that beautiful sunset, when we return.
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6.  yammy award winner patty pai page died last night. she sold more than 100 million records during her career. her biggest seller was "the tennessee waltz" she's also known for "how much is that
4:46 pm
doggy in the window?" she was set to be honored at the grammys next month. we got the sun back, but the written too. and it get cold. now we've gotten the cold area over us. take a look at this. western portion of west virginia, 20 trails open. cold enough for snow? for sure. they should be doing just fine
4:47 pm
this weekend. or maybe the kids? snowboarding. as far as the weather system goes, we've got one way down to the south. that one is staying there, not affecting us. up to the north now fairly quiet. in between it's a mostly clear sky for us. we'll go fast here. mercury at 36, 32 in cincinnati. there's that cold air that's to our north, with temperatures in the 20s, and that's about how cold it's going to get tonight. a lot of neighborhoods dropping down to the 20s. we start out at 28 degrees tomorrow morning. you'll ceces anywhere from 38 degrees to our west to 40 degrees right, 38 baltimore, areas up north, to hitting 38 degrees for a high temperature around mt. airy maryland. there's your thursday, but a cold day for sure, maybe a few degrees higher than today, and friday we'll have high temperatures get into the upper
4:48 pm
30s to low 40s with sunshine once again. quiet as we round out the week. it's this weekend when we see highs getting back to above average. a light win for tomorrow. here's a look at your four-days forecast. 45, 46 degrees. right now the weekend is dry. we don't have any rain, and then we turn mild for the first partnership of next week with the high around 50 on tuesday to 53 on wednesday. jim? pat? >> veronica, thanks. a st. louis firefighters is being called a hero today after rescues a dog that fell into an icy pond on new year's day. ed rich shows us the whole ordeal that was caught on camera. >> reporter: this was the scene late new year's morning. around 11' 30, a man was walking his dog when this german shepherd mix popped up. he got spooked, ran onto the ice, the ice broke and he fell through. >> he was pretty scare. >> this was dan hill's first day with fire station 29.
4:49 pm
he was the lucky one chosen to get the dog. >> i believe city parks, their water is roughly four feet deep, so they decided to send the tall guy. that was me. he strapped on his waders, but the wear was a little higher than expected. >> yeah, i got a little wet, but it was worth it, to save the dog. >> reporter: he tells me the dog helped him out a little. he was actually coming towards me. i think he knew what i was out there to do. i think he was happy to see me. i threw him in the basket and pulled him. >> reporter: we asked if he was prepared. >> the squad does training for things like this, but they're a special unit. they do special training for water rescues or technical rescues. >> reporter: but usually for humans -- >> it's the last thing i expected. >> reporter: he was treated with oxygen and an iv.
4:50 pm
he was shivering, but at least he's alive. the dog was released to the humane society. it had a collar on it, but nothing to indicate who the owner is. authorities will spend more time trying to find that owner before putting the dog up for adoption. he'll have some takers, safe to say. >> lucky little guy. still ahead the big business move that could mean more zip cars on local streets. a problem that has left a local neighborhood crept out. how they're fighting an invasion of vulture. >> we continue to follow the latest developments. hear from one of the men who tried to rescue, as rounds of ammunition were fired (woman) 3 days of walking to give a break cancer survivor a lifetime-- that's definitely a fair trade. it was such a beautiful experience. (jessica lee) ♪ and it's beautiful (woman) why walk 60 miles in the boldest breast cancer event in history? because your efforts help komen serve millions of women and men
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4:54 pm
beginning to roost in the areas around mayfair drive and plaza streets, northeast. while important for the environment, vulture can also be a health concern if they take up residence in neighborhoods. so for that reason, wildlife authorities are trying to shoo the vulture away uses devices that may make noise and light. that will start next week for about an hour each day starting at 4:00. why a police officer is fighting to save thousands of local drivers from getting speed camera tickets. in just minutes, the search for a man who vanished after new year's celebration, why police are not getting involved. for all your news follow us online. [ male announcer ] when your business is powered by verizon,
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there's controversy brewing today about certain speed cameras in the district. even a d.c. police officer says he got a ticket and shouldn't have. >> transportation reporter adam tuss is live near the third street tunnel in northwest with more on what this case could mean for a lot of drivers. adam? >> yeah, pat, he's a d.c. cop caught speeding by a speed camera ticket here in the third street tunnel. he says that ticket is flawed. sergeant mark robinson a 22-year veteran of the force, no
4:58 pm
stranger to the program, but he says the actual violation that was sent to him had errors on it. it all has to do with the speed limit posted in the third street tunnel. this officer says there are potential thousands of similar tickets that may have been sent out and that may need to be recalled. coming up at 5:00, sergeant robinson talks to news4 about the entire ordeal. he's not one bit happy about it. reporting live in northwest, adam tuss, news4. dodge bullets, while trying to help. they couldn't reach the disabled victim. >> exploding inside the mobile homemade this an even more
4:59 pm
dangerous situation. pat collins is live in maryland city, where neighbors drive their efforts to help the victims. pat? >> reporter: they had to deal with fire and gunfire. neighbors tried and tried, but this rescue was not to be. an intense fire in a mobile home in maryland city. a disabled man trapped inside. neighbors did their best to help. >> i could hear him screaming. he was trying to get out. i busted a door, i could see the flames through the window. >> reporter: the man who lives here is a hunter. they say the fire touched off his ammunition. the would-be rescuers had to back away. >> the rounds went off like when the house started blowing up, you could hear the rounds. and the next-door neighbor, he was walking in, two bul

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